Why Circular Saws?

Circular saws come in a variety of operation types and can include options for mitre cutting, pivot action or upstroking cutting head and double headed sawing.

Manual Circular Saws

Compact, pedestal mounted, manual circular cut-off saws, operated by a hand lever, offer easy mitre cutting for the workshop or toolroom. 
Manual circular saws are compact and provide quick and efficient cutting of all types of materials. Machines can be pedestal or bench mounted to suit the workshop environment.


A hand lever is used to pulldown the blade through the material. Some machines have a blade start trigger switch mounted in the handle. Pivot action saws have a cutting head that rotates in an arc about a hinge, when the operator pulls down the lever. 

Vertical coldsaws have heads mounted on a vertical column and the cutting action is straight down. Vertical saws are particularly good for cutting heavier materials because of their rigid design. Machines are fitted with a vice that is closed by handwheel to hold the material securely during the cut. 
Some machines have pneumatic clamps that close when the trigger switch is operated.


Semi-automatic saws have powered material clamping and controlled blade feed rate that is initiated with a single or two push button control, for cutting larger sections and solids. Auto coldsaws index the material, and make multiple cuts while unattended. Two headed saws cut long components with or without mitres quickly and efficiently. Non ferrous saws with mitre facility include models with pivot action or upstroking cutting heads in semi-auto and NC automatic versions to cut at high speed, whilst providing an excellent finish.

Vertical action cold saws are available for cutting heavier materials.


A semi-automatic circular saw usually has a foot pedal start that initiates the cycle. The blade starts, the powered vice clamps the workpiece and the cutting head feeds the blade through the material at a controlled rate by hydro-pneumatic unit.


Heavy duty, automatic carbide saws with magazine feeders provide very high production rates when cutting solid mild steel or stainless steel. Optional robot unloading of cut pieces is available. Complete tube sawing lines include bundle loading magazines feeders, programmable length setting and linked de-burrers.