V 350 Manual Circular Saw Machine

Product Specification

Cutting Capacity


Maximum Saw Diameter350 mm
Saw Angle90°                          +/- 45°
Round Material Diameter (max.)115 mm                    110 mm
Square Material (max.)100 x 100 mm         90 x 90 mm
Rectangular Material (Max.)120 x 80 mm           90 x 90 mm



Technicial Specifications


Main Voltage400 V
Control Voltage24 V
Installed Power4,7 kW
Current1, 85 A
Saw Engine1,3 - 1,8 kW
Boron Oil Pump0,06 kW
Air pressure45 / 80 Dev. / Dak.
Saw Speed90°  / +/- 45°


Saw Features


Saw Diameter350 mm
Saw Bore Diameter32 mm
Pin Holes2 x Çap 11
TiN CoatingOrta Sertlikte Çelik
TiCn CoatingYüksek Sertlikte Çelik
TiAIN CoatingPaslanmaz Çelik




Most600 mm
Size1000 mm
Height1400 mm
Net weight210 Kg
Gross weight230 Kg

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